About Us

jayne+steveThe Natural Pet Centre is a new and unique centre on The Wirral specializing in only natural products, therefore promoting healthy pets in our area. We have our pet centre based in Bromborough and our boutique shop in Heswall.

Between us we have many years experience in the pet and dog world and healthy pets are our passion . Jayne is a qualified veterinary nurse, with over 14 years experience and Steve has spent over 10 years in dog sports such as flyball and Agility. We both strongly believe that health and nutrition have a direct effect on health and well-being, so therefore good quality nutrition is a must. To get the best out of your dog, it makes sense to put the best in.

It is our belief that “you are what you eat” and this goes for our pets too !

Natural Pet Centre Shop in Bromborough, WirralAt our friendly Centre we encourage people to come along , with their dogs to have a chat about nutrition or any conditions they may be suffering. As well as promoting health with our food  and products we can also help to eliminate conditions that can be caused by poorer quality foods and the unnecessary nasty ingredients they contain.

These can include skin and digestive problems, bad breathe, anal gland problems hyperactivity and obesity . A natural diet can help put an end to these conditions and unnecessary suffering of our pets.

Our customers all agree ,  having such huge results from something as simple as changing diet, they can’t quite believe it can be that simple.

And for us, this is exactly why we do what we do, to see healthy pets and happy owners !!!