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Chuckit! Ultraring

by Chuckit

This is actually a spare ring for use with the Chuckit! UltraRing, giving you better results with minimal effort and ideal if you have more than one dog waiting eagerly to play fetch. Simply use the hook to pick up this additional ring while one dog is chasing after the first ring and fling the UltraRing far away with a quick flick of your wrist. You won't need to worry about having slobbery hands as each ring is brought back to you and your dogs will appreciate the shorter waits between their exciting games.

If your pooch loves to play chase, the Chuckit! UltraRing fetch toy is sure to be a firm favourite. As the ring zooms through the air, your dog will bound after it in an attempt to catch it and bring it back to you. The clever design, however, means it will zig-zag and bounce once it's hit the ground, making your dog work that little bit harder to catch the brightly-coloured prize. The bold orange and blue design help the UltraRing stand out on sunny days or when thrown into snow, for easy retrieval.