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Joint Care

Joint care is not only important for old dogs, dogs with creaking joints, it is also massively important for young large/giant breeds to help with their growth, and as a preventative measure for active / sporting dogs.

The Faelan Can simply be broken down into with Green Lipped Mussel and without. The with is best used for mild cases, puppies and prevention and the without for dogs with severe symptoms.  Please speak to us for more guidance.


  • from £19.95

    Faelan Jointcare with Green Lipped Mussel


    Faelan jointcare with green lipped mussel is a joint support similar to Yumove. 

    from £19.95
  • from £23.00

    Faelan Jointcare


    This is the stronger of the faelan joint care range being a similar strength to brands such as Seraquin, Cosequin, Synoquin and Nutraquin + whilst ...

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    from £23.00
  • £28.20

    Faelan OmegaCare 236ml


    Faelan OmegaCare is a veterinary strength  Fish Oil with extremely high EPA & DHA Levels. meaning you use less than other oils.   6X the streng...

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  • Sold out

    Joints & Bones


    Grain free hand baked dog treats with salmon, glucosamine and chondroitin These lovingly hand baked heart-shaped treats contain glucosamine & c...

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  • from £5.99

    Golden Turmeric Paste

    The Golden Paste Company

    Golden Paste for Pets is a ready to feed turmeric supplement in the form of a Paste. Sourced from the highest quality ingredients to ensure the bes...

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    from £5.99
  • £38.00

    Pooch Mobility Pack

    Nanny Pat's

    Nanny Pat's Pooch Mobility Pack has been created specifically for dogs. Contain a unique blend of ingredients, including bioactive collagen peptide...

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