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About Natural Pet Centre

Natural Pet Centre was started by Jayne and Steve in 2012. Although we came from very different backgrounds we both shared the same passion and  determination to develop a business like no other. A unique and innovative business that only offered the very best natural pet products. Each with our unique skills it was the perfect combination for success, Jayne’s veterinary nurse background and Steve with his extensive IT and  business experience.

As a veterinary nurse for 14 years Jayne had seen first hand what feeding poor quality products could do, resulting in dogs in particular suffering chronic conditions including skin, digestive, ear and anal gland problems to name but a few. Most people are not actually aware of this and so don’t automatically see the connection.

Over the years we have helped so many dogs by reducing their symptoms, therefore reducing trips to the vets and resulting in happier healthier dogs. We have grown consistently over the last eight years. Continuously expanding our ranges with raw especially expanding at an unbelievable rate. We are also very proud supporters of Independent British Food companies and together we are changing the feeding habits of Pet owners.

We personally select and research all of our products to make sure they meet our standards so you can rest assured that we have done all the hard work for you and that all of our products come with quality guaranteed.

As a small business we have managed to keep a personal service to our customers having time for a chat and getting to know your dog and feeding them treats of course!

Our customers are always delighted with the difference in their dogs condition we never get tired of seeing the results either and this is why we continue to do what we do. We feel our customer service ,knowledge and experience are second to none and it’s what sets us apart from other businesses especially the large supermarket chains.

We look forward to meeting you and you dog soon

Jayne & Steve