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Covid Lock down 2

Jayne and Steve have had a LONG HARD chat when Lockdown 2 was announced about what to do in respect of the new lockdown.
In the letter of the law we could probably stay open exactly as we are however we do not feel that this is a) within the spirit of what the lockdown is about or b) doing anything to protect our customers or ourselves.
There will NOT be any issue with stock, our supplies managed to keep us supplied throughout the 3 month lockdown so 1 month should be easy. Please Do NOT PANIC BUY!!!!!!!!!
So we have decided:
  1. Just like during the last lockdown our preferred method of ordering, will be the website, where you are able to select "Pick up" (to collect) or "Local Delivery" (This costs £3.50 with a minimum order of £20). So many of you told us how good it was and many have continued to use it.
  2. However we understand some customers are not able to order online, so the shop will remain open , however only 1 customer (or family) will be allowed in at a time.
  3. Please do not call to place orders unless absolutely 100% necessary as it takes a lot longer and will be difficult when we are so busy.
Christmas is well and truly underway, all the favourites will be available (Toys, Advent Calendars, Cones, Treat boxes etc) on the Web, Instore and when you collect. There are also new Beds and Coats and we will still be doing fittings as required