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Adult Dog Topper - Chicken

by Coya

Our COYA chicken food toppers are packed full of goodness to give adult dogs of all breeds and lifestyles the most delicious, most nutritious mealtimes.

Add a blast of raw goodness and irresistible taste to meals and watch your dog go wild for dinner time every night.

Perfect for fussy dogs, clean bowls every time.

Chicken– a fantastic source of amino acids, selenium, iron, zinc and copper. We only use the best cuts of premium human-grade chicken in our recipes.

  • Composition
  • Benefits
  • Analytical Constituents
  • 97.5% chicken with vitamins and minerals
  • Pure, raw meat
    Handy 50g tube, lasting multiple mealtimes
    Added vitamins and minerals to support health and wellbeing
    Mix and match flavours to jazz up dinner every night!
  • crude protein: 49%, crude fat: 38%, crude fibre: 0.5%, ash: 4%, moisture: 3.5%

    ***Due to this product having very little moisture, the fat and Protein levels do seem a lot higher is comparison to wet, dry and raw food however they are not. For More information speak to either Jayne or Staff in Shop