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CarSafe Crash Tested Dog Harness


This crash test certified dog car harness will keep your dog safe and secure. It utilizes your car seat belt system to create a safe dog car seat belt for your pet.  

Thanks to its cushioned and breathable layers, your dog can travel in comfort. Suitable for a wide range of dog sizes and breeds, it can also be used as a walking dog harness when you arrive at your destination.  

- With a comfortable lightweight design that connects directly to your car seat belt system, this crash tested harness provides a safe car seat belt for your dog. 

- Fully reflective fabric on the front chest piece ensures hi visibility in all situations at any time of day.- Cushioned and breathable layers designed into the chest piece design ensure your dog travels in comfort. 

- Upon arrival, this flexible dog car harness can be used as a conventional dog harness for walks, with both front and back lead connection points.