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Coralpina Cinquetorri Soft Harness


Resistant and colourful, this harness is easy to wear, does not hinder your pet’s mobility and is soft on the fur. It also makes a helpful tool for pet education thanks to the FIT&GO system!

Matching Lead Available

– Colourful soft mesh;
– No stitching on edges;
– Double reflective finish for night visibility;
– Fit&Go fastening system;
– Easily washed materials coming in trendy colours;
– Protected seams to minimise rubbing;
– 6 sizes from 3 to 10 Kg;
– Extremely durable;
– No scraping surface in contact with the skin;
– Wider straps ensure optimal weight distribution;
– Large-sized harnesses have high tenacity nylon padding for ultimate strength.


2: 25-35cm 3-4kg
3: 30-40cm 4-5kg
4: 35-45cm 5-6kg
5: 40-50cm 6-8kg
6: 45-55cm 7-10kg