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Feed for Parakeets


RIO Daily feed for big parakeets is a mixture of specially selected healthy grains and seeds loved by cockatiels, lovebirds and other kinds of big parakeets. The wide variety of ingredients ensures that birds get all the necessary nutrients.

Pack size 1kg

  • Ingredients
  • Analytical constituents
  • Feeding instructions
    • yellow millet
    • red millet
    • canary seed
    • pealed oat
    • buckwheat
    • white sorghum
    • safflower seed
    • sunflower seed
    • paddy rice
    • black millet
    • linseed
    • oat
    • Niger seed
    • healthy seeds
    • dried rowanberry
    • dried carrot
    • algae
    • calcium gluconate
    • protein – 13,9%
    • fats – 9,5%
    • fibre – 9,5%
    • ash – 2,9%
    • The daily norm of RIO feed for big parakeets is 20-30 g.
    • Make sure that the bird has enough feed and fresh water.
    • Please Note: During moulting period a bird need the specially diet (use RIO feed for big parakeets. Moulting Period).
    • Store in a dry cool place.
    • Please Note: Apart from the main feed birds need a balance of sand and minerals constantly (use RIO grit/mineral mixture for all kinds of birds).