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Fish4Dogs Sea Wraps


Fish4Dogs Sea Wraps are made from sweet potato wrapped in fish skins. 

Sweet potato is a wonderful veggie, low in calories and rich in Potassium and Vitamin A. Sweet potatoes are an ideal accompaniment to Fish providing healthy and delicious guilt free treats. 

Why not give your dog the taste of the Columbian exchange wraped in the pounty of the Atlantic Ocean today?

Pack Size: 100g

Composition: Sweet Potato 85%, Fish Skins 15%

Analyitical Constitenuents: Crude Protein 30%; Crude Ash 3%; Crude Fat 2%; Crude Fibres 1.5% Moisture 15%, Carbohydrate 48.5% 

Please note: 

This product contains a small deoxidiser pouch in each bag. Please be careful not to feed this to your dog.