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Petall Wipes

by Petall
These can be used all around the home and in your car
For all hard surfaces 
glass & mirrors
paintwork, tiles & laminate 
plastic & chrome 
upholstery, leather, carpet & fabric 

skin safe for humans with vitamin e and aloe Vera 

dogs & puppies 
cleanse and deodorise coats, paws and bums as well muzzle, ears and surrounds of eyes.
clean and de fur kennels, beds and jackets. Great for mats, bowls, leads, collars and toys.

cats & kittens 
remove lose fur, dander and saliva whilst cleaning and deodorising. Use on paws, body, legs and bums as well as muzzles, ears and surrounds of eyes. 
cleans and de furs beds and carry cases, ensure litter trays and food bowls are purrfectly clean. 

small & fury 
freshens and deodorises coats, muzzles, ears and eye surround of rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and all of your other small animals 
cleans hutches, beds, food bowls, water bottles, wheels, tubes and tunnels .

reptiles & amphibians 
can be used gently on the shell. 
Clean enclosures,  bathing and soaking dishes including plastic plants and rocks