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Taste the World Chicken Masala for Dogs

by Schesir

Fancy a curry tonight? So does the dog probably.

Schesir for Dog menu of complete and balanced recipes based on the most celebrated and popular dishes of international cuisine. Taste the World offers your dog a choice of varieties with real chunks of meat, vegetables, pasta or rice, as well as other tasty ingredients. Chicken and wholegrain red rice with carrots and tomato: a complete and balanced meal based on the celebrated Chicken Masala of Indian tradition, offering your dog the quality of the ingredients in a delicious combination of flavours."

  • Composition
  • "chicken 41%, chicken broth 31%, red brown rice 10%, carrots 4%, tomato 4%, tomato paste 4%, minerals, refined sunflower oil, tapioca starch, turmeric powder 0.05%, ginger powder 0.05%, tuna oil."