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The Benefits of Collagen

The Benefits of Collagen

Collagen for pets



You’ve probably been hearing more and more about collagen. How it’s the perfect supplement to fight ageing, strengthening joints and maintaining silky smooth hair like certain handsome rogues at Natural Pet Centre. Even better, the benefits of collagen aren’t just for humans but apply equally for your pet too. While it may seem like just another fad, there is a plethora of research backing the benefits that collagen brings to supporting the health of your pet. This article will give an insight into the background and benefits collagen can have for your pet.


What Is Collagen?


Simply put, collagen is protein. In human and pet alike, it is the most abundant protein in the bodies system. Being primarily located in the muscles, tendons and cartilage, think of it as the glue that binds the whole body together. It’s responsible for providing structure to support his connective tissues. And that structure gives your pets body the strength it needs for physical activity.


There are many different types of Collagen, but two things are for certain: Collagen makes up an important part of your pet’s physiology, and adding it to their diet as a supplement can support his health.


Joint and Muscle Health


Because Collagen has a hand on so many of your pet’s body and developmental processes, adding a Collagen supplement can help your pet anywhere his naturally occurring Collagen’s concerned. It’s a great way to make sure he gets the daily Collagen his body needs and to help keep him healthy down the road.


For healthy joints Collagen helps your pet’s cartilage stay strong. It also helps support healthy inflammatory responses that can help with occasional joint-related discomfort. But, even if your pet’s not experiencing joint pain on a daily basis, Collagen supports your pet when it comes to muscle recovery after physical exercise.


With the muscles in mind, when your dog exercises, his muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage get stressed. Taking a Collagen supplement helps rebuild them after exertion. It’s naturally found in those features, so adding even more Collagen helps him bounce back fast.


Lastly collagen is great in supporting long term bone health. As your pet ages, they naturally produce less Collagen on their own. He also loses bone mass. Taking a Collagen supplement can help your pet’s bone mass to support his skeletal health.


Skin and Coat Health


Humans take Collagen supplements to support skin health and promote hair growth. And in people, it helps keep skin supple and elastic and hair grow long and shiny.


Collagen works to strengthen your pet’s skin. It helps with elasticity, but it’s especially beneficial for your dog because it hydrates there skin from within. So many pets are prone to skin-related symptoms. Whether they got seasonal allergies, hot spots, or other skin issues, hydration is necessary and Collagen helps do just that.


Along with the benefits to your pet’s skin, your pets coat is essential for more than there lovely looks. It repels water and protects him from dirt, debris, and brush. There undercoat also keeps them insulated and regulates temperature. It’s important to look after their coat, and Collagen helps keep it healthy. As a bonus, pets who consume Collagen have been shown to shed less, too.


For Healthy Digestion.


Additionally collagen supports healthy digestion due to being used to build the lining in your dog’s stomach and intestines. It keeps food and stomach acid within the walls of their GI tract, so they doesn’t develop an issue like Leaky Gut Syndrome. Plus, it helps break down proteins, which is a key part of your pet’s metabolic process.


As a last benefit, Collagen can even help with fussy eaters. If you’re having a hard time getting your pet to eat, they may be interested in a Collagen treat. Because it’s most often made from animal protein, it’s much more appetizing for your meat-loving pet. Adding a Collagen supplement to each meal helps get him excited to scarf down food that he would otherwise dismiss. Though as always as we say at Natural Pet Centre, ensure your pet is eating all there food for a balanced diet and don’t let them mess up meal time.


As can been seen, there are a great many benefits of the ever expanding world of pet supplements, and collagen is becoming more popular. If you’re interested either keep a check on the website, Facebook or come in store to ask for future collagen based products coming soon to Natural Pet Centre.

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