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About Freeze Dried Dog Food

About Freeze Dried Dog Food

Freeze Dried Dog Food


You’ve probably being seeing it more and more as of late, with it being heavily advertised, more brands promoting its own freeze dried range and of course increasingly seen on pet store shelves.


But taking a step back, we’re all probably wondering what exactly is freeze dried food and more so what actually are the benefits to considering it as your pet’s new diet? You’ve probably heard the phrase freeze dried in the context of either instant coffee or food for NASA astronauts, meals with the moisture sucked out and pack into small foil packaging to be eaten outside the earth’s atmosphere. The production of freeze drying consists of a low temperature dehydration process that involves freezing the product and lowering pressure, removing the ice by sublimation. This is in contrast to dehydration by most conventional methods that evaporate water using heat. Because of the low temperature used in processing, the rehydrated product retains much of its original qualities. In essence this technique that has been used for decades now has now found its use in the production of pet food.

So why all the increasing hype then for the growing ranges of freeze dried dog food?

Firstly, the biggest plus is the fact that freeze dried food is some of the highest nutritional and meat content pet food about along with frozen raw food. Due to the process, as explained above, with no cooking of the ingredients during the process there is no baking off of any of the nutrients and no left over by products like ash. This ensures that the food retains the highest level of meat value and nutritional value. So if you’re wanting to go the next level with your pet’s food or want to get away from some of the fath presented by raw feeding, well now freeze dried offers a great alternative  

Additionally, due to the theoretically simplicity of the process of freeze drying, freeze dried dog food provides a highly flexible product for your pets diet. Due to food basically just having the moister removed, you can use freeze dried food in a range of ways without causing upset in your pets diet. Whether as treats or a tasty topper for a fussy dog in wet or dry meals, freeze dried meals offer a fantastic addition to meal time.

Lastly, freeze dried finally provides a convenient solution for the issues with Raw food. Any of us that have been feeding raw food for a long time know of the both the great benefits and the many pit falls of feeding raw. Without question a great way to get tasty high meat meals into our pet. However at some point one of these two issues has been encounter, trying to store while traveling and forgetting to defrost. Well now, as highlighted above, freeze dried food provides an alternative that deals with both of those issues in one nice easy package. When it comes to storage, it’s as simple as don’t store it in direct sunlight. Due to that freeze drying process, there’s no need for complex storage with freezers and the food itself is much smaller, just see he Coya boxes as proof of the pudding. This means that for those of us that want to take our four legged friends on a quick British holiday or European Adventure freeze dried food gives you a no comprise meal solution. Also cause it’s so simple to store and prepare for meal time, well when you just forget to get the raw meal defrosted in time, freeze dried again is just as simple as pour out and you’re done.

This is only just the beginning for freeze dried pet food, with it set to see ever increasing expansion within the pet food world. Imagine, the food that Neil Armstrong had to eat to make those first steps on the moon can now be enjoyed in your dog’s food bowl…what will this industry think of next.

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