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Trials and Tribulations of Pet Insurance

Trials and Tribulations of Pet Insurance

A small, but important blog post today, and one where their won’t be much talking on our end. Here at Natural Pet Centre, both in store and outside of work we are hearing more people talking about pet insurance. From many of the conversations we have had we are hearing similar questions and dilemmas’ coming from people of what type of insurances to get and is it even worth it in the first place. While obviously each case is unique and personal, we do highly recommend that you do seek to insure your pet and too always read the details and fine-print of any insurance you take out to make sure you know exactly how and what’s being covered.

Due to the very financial element this conversation goes towards, this is the part where we direct you to the website of Martin Lewis’s Moneysavingexpert.  

The article does a great introductory job of breaking down the different types of insurance, factors affecting costs and names a few providers. A really useful section to point our readers towards is the ‘What types of pet insurance can I get?’ as that highlights not the only the different types but also how these different models work and what to expect in pay-out and costs.

Indeed, with cost of Vet care increasing massively as of late, , in our opinion, we believe that while there is always temptation to go for the cheapest offer available, that actually in the long run, to give one’s self peace of mind is to go for Lifetime cover. While more expensive in comparison, and referencing Martin’s article, it will give you the most comprehensive cover available, “if you get a lifetime insurance policy while your pet is young, as long as you continue to renew with the same provider, you pet will be covered for any longer-term or chronic conditions it may develop.”

We will leave it there, as such a topic is both heavy and very much to the readers own discretion in regards of what to do. This blog is not financial advice, merely our opinion and way to direct people to sources which we hope they will find helpful when navigating this increasingly complex and costly minefield of pet insurance.   We end with the old true and trailed words, ‘You get what you pay for’.

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