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Feed for Canaries


Canaries are small cheerful birds with great singing skills. Originally from the Canary islands in sunny Spain, these little singers became popular amongst bird lovers. RIO Daily feed for canaries is developed to provide your feathered friend with all the nutritious substances needed for their well-being as well as with beneficial ingredients to make the daily diet more diverse and varied. RIO has developed a special feeding approach, and its main point is to provide the birds with biologically appropriate foods that mirror their natural diet. We have created our feeds based on the best from nature and are applying many years of experience and collaborations with breeders from all over the world.

Every pack of nutrient-dense RIO Daily feed for canaries contains:
- A variety of carefully selected ingredients mixed considering the fact that the seed's size should be in correlation to the bird’s body and beak size.
- 63% of canary seed – the everyday feed for the canaries right from their natural habitat.
- Linseed is a perfect source of fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6, and will help to maintain healthy skin and a fine bright plumage.
- Algae is responsible for the protection of the immune system, provides strength and keeps the bird in good health.
- Calcium in the most absorbable form to take special care of the beak and bones.
- 100% natural ingredients from trusted suppliers.

Pack size: 500g