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Feed for Exotic Birds


Amadinas, waxbills and other kinds of finches are the most popular exotic birds among bird lovers. The varied composition of the RIO Daily feed for exotic birds contains seeds and grains that were carefully selected for their size and considering the exotic birds’ nutritional needs. RIO Daily feed for exotic birds is designed to give amadinas, waxbills and other species of exotic birds access to as good as, or better conditions than they have in their natural environment. We have created our feeds based on the best from nature and are applying many years of experience and collaborations with breeders from all over the world.

Every pack of nutrient-dense RIO Daily feed for exotic birds contains:
- 15 carefully selected ingredients from trustworthy suppliers to make your pet’s diet varied.
- 13% of protein and 7% of fats ensure that the birds get all the necessary nutritional substances.
- Panicum and various types of millet will provide variety and diversify the daily diet.
- Valuable black millet is added to the composition to provide more energy for the birds.
- Algae is responsible for the protection of the immune system, provides strength and keeps the bird in good health.
- Linseed as a source of Omega 3 & 6 will help to ensure a healthy skin and bright & shiny feathers.
- Calcium in the form of granules and in its most absorbable form for special care of the beak and bones.
- 100% natural ingredients from trustworthy suppliers.

Pack size: 500g